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OWS forces respectfully deface Verizon building as over 30,000 look on from occupied Brooklyn Bridge

It’s interesting how the corporate press is covering today’s action in New York. I’m reading the Bloomberg coverage right now, and they say, for instance, that protesters “appeared to number in the thousands.” While technically correct, I think you’d agree that “thousands” doesn’t quite carry the same weight as “32 thousand,” which is the estimate […]

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3 minute film smackdown at Saturday’s Shadow Art Fair

For the second year in a row, we’re happy to announce that our friends at the Ann Arbor Film Festival will be hosting a one-day film competition at the Shadow Art Fair. Following is a quick interview about the competiton with AAFF Director Donald Harrison. MARK: For those folks who weren’t at last summer’s Shadow […]

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OK, so I guess it’s called yarn bombing

In the past three days, I’ve seen two local examples of what I think are knitted graffiti, or, to use the terminology of the vandals, “yarn bombing.” One was on the back deck of Ypsi’s Cafe Luwak. The other, featured in the following video clip, was on a fence along the Ypsi/Arbor corridor of Washtenaw […]

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The growing violence on the right

Someone left a comment earlier today about Democratic offices around the country having their windows smashed in the wake of the historic vote earlier in the week on health care reform. I was planning to write about it tonight, but a reader by the name of Jim Essex just informed me that Rachel Maddow had […]

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Canes be damned, Severed Unicorn Head Superstore establishes foothold in Singapore

In a country where you can be publicly caned for spitting out chewing gum, I can’t imagine what they’d do to you for putting up a sticker, but apparently that’s what someone in Singapore has gone and done… at the entrance to their local Terror Club, no less! I cannot imagine having the bravery to […]

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