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A message from the gay men and women of Michigan

I should add that this wasn’t something that the gay men and women of Michigan asked for me to post on their behalf. I did’t receive a frantic call in the middle of the night from an anonymous member of the LGBTQ community, begging for me to issue a statement on their behalf. Still, though, […]

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Wishing Fred Phelps a fond farewell from the newly gay-friendly Great Lakes State

Am I the only one who found it interesting that, within hours of hearing that America’s most infamous homophobe, Fred Phelps, had passed away, that a federal judge ruled that Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional? There’s a certain kind of poetic beauty in that, isn’t there? Congratulations to all of my friends who […]

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Bachmann wants your porn

According to reports, Michele Bachman signed a pledge today saying that she’d support legislation making sexually explicit materials illegal. Call it a hunch, but my sense is that you’ll see her poll numbers start falling tomorrow as a result… The following comes from Think Progress: Bachmann became the first presidential candidate to sign a pledge […]

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Hypocrisy Watch: Mark Souder edition

Eight-term Republican congressman from Indiana, Mark Souder, announced today that he’d be resigning his office come Friday. Saying that he had, “sinned against God,” the family values-preaching, evangelical Christian, father of three, cited “the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C.,” for his decision. Of course, he neglected to mention that he, as one who had aggressively […]

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