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Michigan’s Pete Hoekstra, now Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands, is once again in the news for being a racist

Remember Pete Hoekstra, the Michigan Congressman who made national news by running a racist attack ad against Debbie Stabenow during the Super Bowl? [Stabenow went on to kick his ass in their 2012 race for Senate.] Well, guess what? He’s back in the news. And, once again, it’s for being a lying, racist asshole. Remember […]

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Speaking on behalf of Christ, Santorum warns of Obama’s plans to feast on the blood of euthanized seniors

I heard a comedian by the name of John Fugelsang do a pretty brilliant bit the other day on the incredible disconnect between the teachings of Jesus and the actions of those who invoke his name in the pursuit of political power. It’s nothing we haven’t discussed here before, but I enjoyed Fugelsang’s perspective, given […]

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