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State Rep David Rutledge warns Ypsi School Board that a Snyder czar is on the way

We’ve discussed it to death here on the site, and I’m not sure how much new ground there is to cover, but our local Representative in the Michigan House, David Rutledge, warned members of the Ypsi School Board yesterday that, unless they found a way to balance their budget, and fast, the Governor was going […]

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Republicans who claim to be deficit-conscious vote to hand-over billions in tax-payer dollars to profitable oil companies

Remember how, not too long ago, we were talking about the fact that we could save $39 billion by cutting our federal subsidies to the already highly-profitable oil and gas industry? Well, it looks as though we’ll have to find those savings somewhere else – like with cuts in teacher pay – because the Republicans […]

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Why not cut the military budget?

Fiscal responsibility seems to be all the rage these days. Or, at least that’s what Tea Partiers claim to be motivated by, right? They tell us that it’s high time that we get serious, tighten our belts, and cut “big government” to the bone, before the inevitable happens, and the country goes careening over the […]

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