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Obama decides to channel the populist Teddy Roosevelt in 2012 campaign

It wasn’t billed as a campaign stop, but, today, in Osawatomie, Kansas, President Obama delivered a fiery, progressive speech that seems calculated to define the 2012 campaign… and shift focus away from the fact that no significant job creation has taken place under his watch. The speech, for those of you who haven’t already heard, […]

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Psychologist Drew Westen on what happened to Obama

Psychology professor Drew Westen (Emory University) has a fascinating opinion piece in today’s New York Times. Here’s a clip for those of you who can’t scale the pay wall. …When Barack Obama stepped into the Oval Office, he stepped into a cycle of American history, best exemplified by F.D.R. and his distant cousin, Teddy. After […]

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It looks like we have health care reform, what now?

Well, it looks like Obama has done what several Presidents since Harry Truman have tried to do and failed at, and passed comprehensive health care reform legislation. Actually, I don’t believe it’s passed yet, but, according to the New York Times, Obama has been able to line up 224 votes in the House, which is […]

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