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Killing Ann Arbor’s deer, bringing native fish back to the Huron, saving Michigan’s bats, and the music of Heather Evans… on this weekend’s edition of the Saturday Six Pack

This evening, on a special episode of the Saturday Six Pack, we’ll be changing course a bit and discussing wildlife. To be more specific, we’ll be talking about killing deer, saving bats, and making habitats for native fish. During our first segment, we’ll be discussing Ann Arbor’s somewhat controversial deer cull with U-M Associate Professor […]

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Pure Michigan indeed

I went off on a rant last night about how shortsighted and stupid it was for the administration in Lansing to politicize the widely-celebrated Pure Michigan campaign by using it to proudly promote their recent union-busting activities in a high-profile, full-page in the Wall Street Journal. And, apparently, I struck a nerve. Deadline Detroit and […]

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Somewhere, tonight, right wing tough guy, Ted Nugent, shits his pants in fear of the Secret Service

While I’m busy working on something else, I thought that you might want to check out this footage of Michigan’s hardest rocking serial pedophile, the gleefully masochistic, draft dodging, Ted Nugent, getting himself into a shit-load of trouble with the Secret Service… Apparently, you see, they don’t like it so much when you suggest in […]

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Romney defends corporations, saying that they “are people”

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had the following to say to an unruly audience gathered along the campaign trail today in Iowa… “Corporations are people, my friends.” I can’t imagine that’s a message that will help him with the struggling men and women of Iowa, but maybe it’ll resonate with Tea Bagging set, who seem […]

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Ode to a coal mining teabagger

Sometimes, when the Libertarians here on the site go off on a tirade about the evils of government regulation, and how the world would be a much better place if only we’d only trust in the power of unfettered Capitalism, I like to remind folks that there was a time not too long ago in […]

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