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Getting in Maxim with my dignity intact

The DeNiro thing doesn’t seem to be dying. It made it into Maxim today… They say the idea is “so awesome, it just might work”… Still no word from DeNiro.

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Update on the DeNiro project

Apparently my little letter to Robert DeNiro, who is, at this very moment, in a trailer a stone‚Äôs throw from my front door, is now national news. A reader by the name of Tommy just wrote in to tell me that he saw it on Buzzfeed. And, I got an email from a production assistant […]

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Milla Jovovich simulates intercourse in Ypsi alley

I just talked with someone who was inside the Tap Room the other day, watching the filming of the independent feature, Stone. This person was there until 5:00 AM Thursday night. Apparently the scene being shot in the local Ypsi bar that night featured Robert DeNiro, who plays a corrections officer in the film. This […]

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pencil paparazzi file: DeNiro in Ypsilanti

As you all know, Robert DeNiro has been here in Ypsi these past few days, making a film called Stone with Milla “I love Olive Garden” Jovovich and Edward Norton. Well, I’m happy to say that we finally have our first pencil paparazzi field report on DeNiro. The image above and following description come from […]

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