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He may be worth $250 million, but Senate candidate Mitt Romney is just like the rest of us… He’d rather eat a hot dog than a steak

I know, given all of the other shit happening in the world right now, it probably doesn’t warrant a mention, but I just love the fact that, in an attempt to connect with the average Utah voter, Mitt Romney, one of the richest men in America, and the former head of the evil vulture capital […]

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Kathleen Edward, the little girl being bullied by adults in Trenton, will be in Ann Arbor on Thursday – please be nice to her

By now, everyone’s seen the heart-breakingly sad news story about the terminally-ill seven year old girl in Trenton, Michigan whose neighbors have been harassing her – posting photos of her face floating like a skull above crossbones online, and parking a truck hauling a coffin in front of her home. It’s truly sickening stuff, and […]

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