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They made a mate for Puppet Mark!

It’s just been brought to my attention that the wonderful folks at the Dreamland Theater have taken it upon themselves to create a female companion for Puppet Mark. Her name, I’m told, is Syrah Praylin, and she’s going to be starring in their next production, “Muerta Goes to Space Prison.” Here’s how the production, which […]

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What you would have seen, if you were my friend on Facebook

You would have just seen me pose the following question to my friend Scott, the founder of Baltimore’s Atomic Books: Do you wear your snuggie to the movie theater, or change into it there? I find Snuggie culture absolutely fascinating. I’m especially intrigued by these courageous pioneers, like my friend Scott, who are pushing the […]

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The Weezer Snuggie

Not nearly as good as the Monkey Power Trio sauna pants infomercial, but interesting.

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