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Ypsi/Arbor exit interview: Melissa Dettloff

I never enjoy doing exit interviews. It’s by far the worst part of the job… if you can call this late night obsession of mine a job. I hate seeing good, bright, motivated people leave our community. And, as you can probably imagine, this is especially true when those who are leaving are talented collaborators […]

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On having one’s unicorn-killing intellectual property stolen by Samsung, and celebrating the release of yet another Monkey Power Trio record

I received a cryptic message a few days ago from an anonymous source, telling me that I had to immediately retain an attorney and protect my intellectual property from the evil Korean CEO of Samsung. I wrote it off as the ranting of a delusional reader, as it’s not uncommon for me to receive paranoid […]

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Krampus posters will be going into production soon

Thanks to the hard work and vision of Melissa Dettloff, Ryan Groendyk, and Chris Sandon, the posters for the December 11 Krampus event are now completed. With any luck, they’ll go into production at VG Kids in the next few days, and we’ll be getting them up around Ypsi/Arbor soon… Aren’t they beautiful? [If you […]

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Buying TV ads

There’s a fascinating piece on Slate today by Seth Stevenson. It’s about Google’s new television ad buying interface, which essentially makes it possible for individuals to launch their own television ad campaigns for as little as $100. Stevenson, as you’ll see in the below video, creates a campaign for a fake website, and, for a […]

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Severed heads across the border

A girl in Ontario did the unthinkable a few days ago. She had herself permanently disfigured in order to curry favor with an online cult, and gain a 2% discount on all future purchases from their gift shop. Speaking of severed unicorn heads, there must be something in the water these days. After a long […]

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