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Open Thread…

Things went so well with our “Tell it to Sara Jessica Parker’s severed HEAD!!!!” open thread that I thought that I’d do it again, with a a different celebrity head. So, feel free to open up and talk about whatever you like. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I promise not to judge you.

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The “Tell it to Sara Jessica Parker’s severed HEAD!!!!” open thread

I wanted to blog tonight, but I’m having too much fun listening to my friends Vanessa and Michael guest DJing on the University of Georgia’s student radio station, WUOG, so I’m just going to make this an open thread. So, if you have something to say, here’s your chance. Say it to Sara Jessica Parker’s […]

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Shadow Art Fair live blog

11:00 Super busy. No time to write…. Someone must have smuggled in a cello or something. I can hear it coming from across the room, and it sounds great. 8:44 I’ve got great videos that I want to post, but it looks like my camera battery has died… I’m pissed off. 6:20 The special Shadow […]

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