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Lovecraft, and his insight into ancient evil (and Republicans)

I received an odd letter today from a former Ypsilantian who now finds himself living among the natives of Hawaii. He wanted to let me know about a quote that he’d stumbled across concerning Republicans. The piece, according to him, was penned in 1936, by none other than H.P. Lovecraft, the man behind Cthulhu (think […]

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The Kwameboating of Mike Cox

I was intrigued by a Detroit News article that I read tonight about an attack ad running on the radio in Lansing against Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox. I wanted to hear the ad, but I couldn’t find it anywhere online… Here, though, before I get to that, is a clip from the Detroit News: […]

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Obama in the lions’ den

Last Friday, President Obama stopped by the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, and spent almost 90 minutes engaging the Republican members of Congress, and answering their questions on healthcare, taxes, defense and any number of other subjects. He did brilliantly, and I’d love to see more of it. Those of you who missed it, […]

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What Republicans really think

The folks at the Daily Kos just commissioned a poll of 2,000 self-identifying Republicans by independent polling firm Research 2000. I think you’ll find the results enlightening. Here’s a sample: • Over a third of Republicans believe the birth control pill is abortion (which explains why nearly a third of them want contraceptive use outlawed). […]

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Swine flu outbreak finds nation unprepared

A few weeks ago, claiming that the good people of Texas had had enough of big government, Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, said that his state was considering secession. Today, however, facing a swine flu pandemic from Mexico, the Governor who hates America is begging for federal help. Hopefully, the feds will be able […]

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