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Obama’s pro-business gambit, and why it will likely fail

Tomorrow, we’re told, President Obama will propose an economic incentive package indented to help turn the American economy around. From what little I’ve been able to find in the press, it’s sounds like just the kind of thing that the American economy needs. It would not only provide generous tax incentives to companies pursuing research […]

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Ypsilanti’s Michigan Ladder makes the Wall Street Journal

Today, the Wall Street Journal’s Neil Hickey published a story about how the commercial credit crisis is impacting small business growth here in the United States. And, to illustrate the real world consequences, he spoke with local Washtenaw County business owners, like Tom Harrison, the CEO of the Michigan Ladder Company. Harrison, when asked how […]

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Attend an urban gardening potluck, and avoid the cannibal holocaust

Whenever I start to get a little too optimistic about the future, and I want to regain my foothold in the word of dystopian pessimism, I like to check in with author Jim Kunsler. Jim, for those of you who don’t know him, is the author of such books as The Long Emergency: Surviving the […]

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