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Michigan’s Michael Skupin: Reality television star turned Christian con man

Before we had Clemetine, there was a period of time when Linette and I did normal things, like hang out at night and watch television. One of the last things that I can remember watching, back in “the television days,” was the second season of Survivor, the one that introduced the world to the petite […]

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My tenuous and ugly connection to our new Miss America

The other day, I caught part of an interview with our recently crowned Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler. I wouldn’t normally watch something like that, but she was talking about how she wanted to use her new celebrity to draw attention to the plight of children with incarcerated parents, and I guess I found that compelling. […]

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The myth of the social mobility in America

Last night, I had the following to say about Eric Cantor’s appearance at U-M: …In his speech, Cantor apparently talked about his ancestors and how they made good lives for themselves in America by a plying themselves and working hard. The implication, of course, is that others can do the same. Unfortunately, the facts say […]

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The state of journalism today

The folks at the nonpartisan Pew Research Center just issued a new report entitled, State of the News Media 2010, and, as you might guess, based on the fact that I’m writing about it here, it doesn’t paint a very rosy picture… Here’s a clip: …The numbers for 2009 reveal just how urgent these questions […]

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