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Legfest raises over $4,000 for Patrick Elkins… enough to save a significant portion of one of his legs

We haven’t yet tallied everything up, but it looks as though, between Friday night’s show at Woodruff’s, the auction, the online fundraiser, and everything else, we’ve managed to scrape together a little over $4,000 to put toward paying off the medical bills of our friend Patrick Elkins. Thank you so much to all of you […]

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Orgasm Inc.

I don’t have time to write a comprehensive post at the moment on the, either real or imagined, epidemic of female sexual dysfunction, but, at a friend’s suggestion, I just watched the trailer for the documentary film Orgasm Inc., and I wanted to pass it along in hopes that it might lead to an interesting […]

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Laurie Garrett on the lessons of the 1918 flu

I’ve been sucked into a TED vortex. I’ve probably watched five lectures already tonight. I was going to post one of them here about orgasms, but, at the last minute, I decided that, instead, I’d throw out this 2007 presentation by Pulitzer Prize winning science author Laurie Garrett on the lessons of the 1918 flu. […]

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