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Breitbart assassinated… “what else could it be?”

Within minutes of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death, conservative activist Andrew Breitbart took to Twitter, calling the distinguished public servant a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick”. Now, in the wake of the glorified blogger’s unexpected passing, however, we’re being asked to remember Breitbart, the man best known for destroying ACORN, a grass-roots organization that offered aid […]

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Would it be wrong to threaten Glenn Beck?

OK, so I’m sitting here tonight, reading all about the lunacy that transpired yesterday, as thousands of disturbed individuals around the country took to the streets at the behest of a criminally irresponsible FOX News personality, waving their insane placards and calling for Obama’s head, and I’m wondering if perhaps, before this all goes too […]

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Your Michigan Chamber of Commerce dollars at work

It was just brought to my attention that the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has announced the keynote speaker for their annual event to be none other than FOX News personality Glenn Beck… You know, that guy who recently made headlines for saying that our President was, “a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white […]

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What if Obama orders our kids to kill us in our sleep?

In order to quiet those protesting his scheduled address to America’s school children tomorrow, Barack Obama has released the text of his speech. I just read it, and it’s a terrific piece that encourages kids to take responsibility for themselves and do something meaningful with their lives. He doesn’t mention the current fight over healthcare, […]

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