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Trump was offered a bipartisan government funding bill. He essentially turned it down because it wasn’t racist enough. He owns this government shutdown. And the Democrats should not capitulate.

Some of what you’re about to read may very well be wrong. I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of our convoluted government funding mechanisms. I have, however, been trying to follow along, and I wanted to share what I think is going on. As always, if you have an issue with something […]

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Is the death of Amy Winehouse really newsworthy?

While I feel terrible that Amy Winehouse has passed, and sickened by the fact that her death is destined to become a punchline on talk radio, the really terrible thing, I think, is that it’s going to dominate news around the world for the coming days, bumping the mass murder in Norway, and the current […]

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Michael Moore’s “Sicko” outtakes on Norway

Sorry for yet one more YouTube post, but I’m up having beers tonight, working on a post about Obama’s address to American school children on Tuesday, and I happened across this piece of film that didn’t make it into Michael Moore’s film “Sicko.” Anyway, I thought that some of you might enjoy it. [Meanwhile, in […]

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