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Jane Lumm for Ann Arbor City Council… What’s the appeal?

As I knew I was going to be in meetings all evening, and I wouldn’t have the time to write anything meaningful about Tuesday’s City Council election in Ann Arbor, I just went to Facebook and posed a question to my friends concerning incumbent City Council member Jane Lumm, whose reelection race, from my admittedly […]

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Putting an “I Support the Troops” magnetic ribbon on your car is one thing, but having wounded vets transported through your neighborhood is quite another

OK, I may well be overreacting, but I just read an article about some Ann Arbor residents who are up in arms over the temporary use of shuttle busses to transport wounded soldiers through their neighborhood, on their way to and from the VA Hospital, and I feel obligated to fan the flames of outrage. […]

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Published accusations of NIMBYism

Did you know that there used to be a print version of AnnArbor.com that came out every day? It was called the Ann Arbor News, and, on occasion, they’d print letters from readers in Ypsilanti. Here’s one of those letters, written by my friend Leighton in 2000, in response to another reader’s idea that Ann […]

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