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The Shirtless Guttenberg Project

Back when I started this blog, about eight years ago now, I had this thing I called Project Whitney Lover. It was a pretty simple concept, as far as performance art goes. I just, during the course of my average day, would drop little references to Whitney Houston, leading people, over time, to the conclusion […]

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Ypsilanti’s prestigious Full Nelson University

Maybe it’s just that I loved Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, but I’m intrigued by these flyers that have been floating around town as of late, advertising one-on-one professional wrestling classes for what could be either $5 or $5,000 per session. With my spine problems, sadly, it’s a profession that I’ll never have the opportunity […]

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Silicon Valley vs. Detroit

I’m not a huge fan of Thomas Friedman’s, but I think that his op-ed piece in today’s New York Times raises an interesting question… If our objective is to create new jobs, are our billions better invested with General Motors, a company that is already asking for more money after being bailed out last month, […]

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