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Russ Feingold announces the launch of Progressives United

One of the best Senators our country has ever known, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, has just announced the launch of a new organization dedicated to the lessening of corporate influence in American politics. It’s called Progressives United, and following you’ll see Feingold’s video announcing the organization, as well as his appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC […]

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More anti-government violence

A week or so ago, in the wake of the one-man attack on the IRS in Austin, we had a discussion here about the whether or not the increased anti-government rhetoric on the right might be encouraging such behavior. Several people indicated, if I remember correctly, that, given the current political climate, they wouldn’t be […]

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The excitement of the first Tea Party convention captured in a photo

Moments after reading that the intellectual heavyweights of the Republican fringe Sarah Palin and Michele Bauchmann were booked to address the first national conference of the Tea Party Nation, I received the following video clip from my friend Jeff Kay. Doesn’t it look as though he could be in the audience of the Tea Party […]

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FOX News caught faking Bachmann rally footage

A week or so ago, reality-challenged Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called on her tea-bagging minions to come to D.C. for “an emergency house call on Congress.” The idea was that there would be a rally at the Capital, and, after the rally, all the logic-impaired Bachmann followers would be set loose like wild dogs on […]

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U.S. census worker found murdered in Kentucky

I didn’t like it a week or so ago when the press insinuated that an anti-abortion activist’s murder in Michigan might have had something to do with his beliefs, so I’m hesitant to make too much of a reach here, but, when you find a dead census worker strung up in the forest with the […]

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