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Totally Quotable Arlo: “I wish I was a baby again” edition

Today’s addition to the Totally Quotable Arlo file is a bit out of character for our young protagonist. He said it this morning, just a few minutes after waking up. Clementine, who was heading off to her survivalist summer camp, had said something to him, and he kind of curled up under the blanket as […]

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Responding to spam

I rarely respond to spam, but there’s something about this letter that I received today that I find intriguing. Maybe it’s because it’s the first fake letter that I’ve received in a long that didn’t explicitly note either the function and size of my cock or an enormous amount of money being held in a […]

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I still love Ultraman

I don’t feel like blogging tonight, so, instead, I’ve decided to force you to watch a clip from one of my favorite childhood television shows, Ultraman. While we’re on the subject, I should also mention that the best Christmas present I ever got was from Linette about fourteen years ago, when we lived in Atlanta. […]

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