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The making of a Shirley Hemphill

I have no idea how accurate my memory is, but, about 25 years ago, while flipping through television stations late one night, I happened across one of Shirley Hemphill’s comedy routines. Shirley Hemphill, for those of you who don’t recognize the name, is probably best known for her portrayal of Shirley Wilson, the short-tempered but […]

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He’s no Jerry Vale, but I have a new hero… Deacon Dark

Just when I’d given up hope in mankind, I find something that not only restores it, but makes me think that better days might be ahead… I know this footage is over 30 years old now, but I challenge you to watch it and not feel good about America. The kind of country that gave […]

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Wasting the day away with Shirley Hemphill

I can’t find the motivation to do anything worthwhile this morning. Linette’s sewing. Clementine’s drawing. And I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, unable to break free of YouTube. I’d started out with noble enough intentions – looking for footage of Shirley Hemphill doing standup. But, now, not having found anything, I’ve settled for a […]

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