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Days after Trump takes credit for single-handedly saving the steel industry, 200 Michigan steelworkers lose their jobs

A week ago today, standing in front of 5,000 Royal Dutch Shell contract employees in Monaca, Pennsylvania — who, by the way, were told that, if they didn’t attend, they wouldn’t be paid — Donald Trump announced that the American steel industry “was dead” until he levied tariffs against imported steel last year. According to […]

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According to a source, MLive will be restructuring yet again tomorrow morning, laying-off up to a dozen more reporters

A little over two years ago, I posted something here about lay-offs at MLive. Well, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, it looks as though the beleaguered online news entity might be cutting even more jobs tomorrow morning, when John Hiner, the Vice President of Content for MLive Media Group, is going […]

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Regardless of what you might hear, it hasn’t just been bonuses an pay raises since the GOP tax plan passed

While I fought against the Republican tax plan, I’m not personally against the idea of cutting taxes. I think, in certain instances, cutting taxes can make sense, especially in tough economic times, when those cuts are being directed at non-wealthy Americans, who are more likely to put the money they receive back into circulation, creating […]

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Ypsi School Closings, part III

After my last post on this subject, I had a few more questions. Following are the answers from Maria Cotera and Jason Wright, leaders of the newly-formed Ypsilanti Public Schools Alliance. MARK: Have you seen any indication from the teachers that they might be receptive to a pay cut? I’ve yet to confirm this, but […]

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Should we cut the pay for City Council, and, if so, by how much?

Quite a few folks here in Ypsi aren’t too keen on the idea of firing firefighters and police officers in order to balance our budget. (See previous post.) So, it’s no surprise that other ideas are being floated. One of the most commonly heard suggestions is that we cut the pay of our elected City […]

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