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Facing sexual assault allegations, Al Franken forces Democrats to confront the fact that sexual abuse isn’t a partisan issue

A lot of my male heroes have been assholes. Dr. Seuss, they say, was a philandering bigot. John Lennon, by all accounts, was abusive. J. D. Salinger and Charlie Chaplin preyed on young women. And, as we know, Thomas Jefferson actually bought and sold human beings, at least one of whom he had sexual relations […]

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25 year old video surfaces of a very young, and disturbingly happy, Mark Maynard kissing Peter Larson

Remember how, a while back, I told you that I’d received word from Oregon that a 25 year old video of my band, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink, had surfaced? Well, it would seem as though the tape is now in the hands of someone who intends to tease, torture, and perhaps blackmail me with it. I […]

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No Kissing, No Knives

A friend who teaches first and second grade sent me the following today. She says that she found it waiting for her when she entered her classroom this morning.

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