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The candy fortress

We got a call from Clementine’s school not too long ago — something about her collecting money from the other kids in kindergarten. We asked her about it, and all that she’d tell us was that it was a secret. She said that she’d stop, but assured that they had been pooling their money for […]

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Nothing left to learn

Linette and I went in and met with Clementine’s kindergardten teacher a few days ago. At the end of the meeting, which had gone very well, her teacher opened a blue notebook and read to us a few of the things that Clementine had said to her earlier in the school year. Linette and I […]

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The importance of play in kindergarten

Here’s a clip from today’s New York Times Magazine that I thought might be worth discussing: …When I was a child, in the increasingly olden days, kindergarten was a place to play. We danced the hokey­pokey, swooned in suspense over Duck, Duck, Gray Duck (that’s what Minnesotans stubbornly call Duck, Duck, Goose) and napped on […]

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