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It looks like the Republicans are going to try for a third time to kill Obamacare, rob 26 million Americans of their health insurance, eliminate the protections afforded people with preexisting conditions, defund Planned Parenthood, and give the resulting $600 billion to the rich

It looks as though self-proclaimed master dealmaker Donald Trump, who just last year apparently told bestselling author Jon Meacham that, had he been President at the time of Lincoln, he would have been able to strike a deal to prevent the Civil War from happening, is going to try once again to repeal Obamacare and […]

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This is what Obama wanted, and it needs to fail

For what it’s worth, I think Glenn Greenwald and Russ Feingold are probably right when they say that we shouldn’t lay all the blame for what happened with regard to healthcare reform at the feet of Joe Lieberman. Much of the blame, as Glenn points out in his recent article on Salon, belongs with Obama. […]

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Robert Reich on the death of the public option

As usual, I agree with former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Here’s a clip from his most recent article: The public option is dead, killed by a handful of senators from small states who are mostly bought off by Big Insurance and Big Pharma or intimidated by these industries’ deep pockets and power to run political […]

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