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Where are the human trafficking obsessed Q now?

As some of you may recall, during our recent conversations about the far-right conspiracy theorist collective known as QAnon, a few of the more reality-challenged readers of this site came forward to out themselves as members, and take us on a magical “fan fiction” adventure, explaining in exquisite detail how the Democrats, led by Hillary […]

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I know, let’s separate immigrant children from their families and put them in military warehouses!

My favorite part of the Emma Lazarus quote at the base of the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and I will lift my lamp beside them, separating out the children in the darkness and leading them to military warehouses" — Mark Maynard (@MarkAMaynard) May […]

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A warning from “the ghetto of Hamtramck”: Beware the Muslim, Uber-hacking human trafficking ring

As Detroit social media seems to be going crazy over this Facebook post, I thought I’d share it here so those of you who have been banned from social media could weigh in. It’s a wild story, and the online debate it’s given rise to about whether or not the young woman who posted it […]

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Ypsilanti man found guilty of human trafficking and enslavement of children

In early 2011, a University of Michigan janitor by the name of Jean-Claude Toviave was arrested and charged with enslaving four West African children in his Ypsilanti home. The four, it would seem, were forced to cook, clean, iron and shine shoes for the 6-foot-3, 230-pound Toviave, who, when he was unsatisfied with their performance, […]

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Are there local services for former prostitutes?

Last summer, I started a thread here about prostitution in Ypsilanti, and the challenges faced by the women looking to leave the life. If you haven’t read though the thread, and if you have time, I’d recommend it. Among those people contributing were several former prostitutes, and their perspectives were incredibly enlightening. And, every once […]

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