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Former Ypsi CIty Planner Richard Murphy weighs in with data on gentrification

Last night, prompted by the social media dustup over news that Ann Arbor’s Babo would be opening a location in Depot Town, I posted something here about the looming threat of gentrification in Ypsilanti. I’d encourage you, if you haven’t already, to read through the comments, as, for the most part, they’re pretty thoughtful. Here, […]

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For those of you who don’t leave the bed over the weekend, here’s the deal with the controversy surrounding the latest jobs data

On Friday, the the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that, for the first time since President Obama took office, unemployment had fallen below the 8% mark. And, as Romney had repeatedly drawn the line in the sand at 8%, reminding American voters incessantly, since winning his party’s nomination, that Obama had presided over […]

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