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Man has his gun stolen from holster in downtown Ypisilanti, unarmed man retrieves it for him

I’m inclined to say that this illustrates pretty clearly why it’s stupid for regular people, as they’re walking around town, to be carrying firearms, but maybe I’m missing something… At any rate, it’s just a good thing for us that an unarmed good samaritan was nearby, who was able to keep this handgun out of […]

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Hoodies on Michigan Avenue

From my perspective, things went extremely well this evening, with dozens and dozens of neighbors in hoodies congregating along Michigan Avenue, and what seemed like hundreds of people in cars honking their horns in enthusiastic support. I suspect, judging from the reporters that were on hand, that you’ll read all about it tomorrow in the […]

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Hoodies take to the street in Ypsi in memory of Trayvon Martin, Monday at 6:00 PM

As I mentioned a few days ago, I think Geraldo Rivera did the people a America a big favor when he went on FOX News and said that Trayvon Martin deserved some of the blame for having been murdered, seeing as how he chose to wear a hooded sweatshirt, “like a gangster.” In doing that, […]

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