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Agenda 21… Are America’s city planners in on the United Nations plot to enslave us, and force us onto bicycles?

There’s only one thing people on the far right hate more than the United Nations, and that’s the United Nations setting international guidelines for sustainable development. I learned this a few days ago, while listening to a special episode of Glenn Beck’s radio program about a secret UN initiative to deal with the looming threats […]

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Incredibly powerful ad campaign reminds swing state voters of Romney’s dismissive comments on global climate change prior to Hurricane Sandy

As we’ve discussed before, during the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney took the stage, and, pandering to the far right of his increasingly anti-scinece party, made a dismissive joke about extreme weather brought about as a result of global climate change. Romney, pointing out to his fellow Republicans that Obama not only believed in global […]

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Romney backtracks, embracing FEMA

After days of dodging the issue during fake storm relief events, Romney has finally come up with a response to the question, “Now that the hurricane has passed, do you regret your comments about wanting to cut funding for FEMA?” Reversing his previous position, he today announced that he appreciates FEMA and wouldn’t dream of […]

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Global climate change, as we’re seeing, is not a joke. The consequences are real. And we should scorn, mock and drive from our society politicians who fail to acknowledge that fact.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more pissed than I was during the Republican National Convention when I heard Mitt Romney say the following. If there’s any silver lining at all in what’s happening right now along the east coast, it’s that maybe, just maybe, people will begin to see […]

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Operation Foggy Monocle

In the wake of a global warming-related rant that I posted a few days ago, it occurred to me that nothing is likely to change, at least not in a substantive way, until the men at the top begin to feel the same oppressive, painfully searing heat that the rest of us have been feeling […]

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