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Trump says he wants the story of Cesar Sayoc to “disappear rapidly.” We cannot allow that to happen.

This is Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc. He was arrested yesterday in Florida and charged with sending at least 13 explosive devices to prominent Democrats and others who have been critical of the President. While there are still some on the far right who are maintaining that this was a “false flag” operation perpetrated by Democrats […]

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Get Out the Vote, Ypsilanti!

Yesterday, freaking out that Trump was climbing in the Michigan polls, I announced on this site that I’d be taking some vacation time from work to help out at Democratic Party office here in Ypsi. I did so because I knew that, if I made a public proclamation, I’d actually probably follow through. And apparently […]

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The entertainment industrial complex takes on Trump

With the news media having failed the American people so incredibly this election cycle, and the very real possibility of a Trump presidency looming in the not too distant future, numerous people and organizations, some of whom who have never weighed in on such things in the past, are beginning to come forward publicly in […]

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