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For those of you who don’t leave the bed over the weekend, here’s the deal with the controversy surrounding the latest jobs data

On Friday, the the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that, for the first time since President Obama took office, unemployment had fallen below the 8% mark. And, as Romney had repeatedly drawn the line in the sand at 8%, reminding American voters incessantly, since winning his party’s nomination, that Obama had presided over […]

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The pressure on Fred Upton begins to swell on news of his joining the Deficit Reduction Super Committee

Yesterday, I mentioned that, as Michigan Congressman Fred Upton had been appointed one of the 12 members of the Congressional Deficit Reduction Super Committee, we, the people of Michigan, should do a better job of, 1) pushing him to acknowledge that tax increases, and not just budget cuts, are needed to bridge the nation’s growing […]

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Sophie’s Choice… Ypsi style

Last night, there was a special meeting of the Ypsi City Council. I wasn’t able to attend, but your fellow reader Glen S was. Here’s his report… which is actually about a lot more that whether or not our City Council chose to prioritize one of two potential construction projects. I attended last night’s special […]

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Very cool new GE web technology

I suspect this is real, but I suppose it could be fakery of some kind. I’m easily duped… If real, though, it’s amazing, and kind of terrifying.

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