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Introducing my new socially-responsible business idea… The Divine Justice Gun Shop and Family Empowerment Center

I had a great business idea the other day, that I know is going to make me a fortune. It’s the perfect business for today’s lean, mean Michigan. It capitalizes on every trend. The idea… and I probably shouldn’t share this publicly, before the Kickstarter campaign even gets off the ground… is a chain of […]

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Like the Watergate burglars, only dumber

Remember James O’Keefe, the guy who, about six months ago, made a name for himself by dressing like what a well-off, white suburban kid thinks that a pimp looks like, and telling ACORN workers that he wanted to open brothels in their neighborhoods? Well, he’s back in the news today. It seems as though he […]

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Birthers and healthcare reform

Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if this new bout of wing-nuttery over Obama‚Äôs birth certificate has anything to do with the healthcare debate? It seems as though “birthers” are bubbling up everywhere in the press these days, and I have to think it’s not just a coincidence that we’re hearing it […]

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