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So there’s apparently such a thing as a furless furry

Things must be slow at my friend Joe’s shop, Hugh, tonight. He just sent me the following video, which I’m having some trouble interpreting. As best as I can figure, a new breed of furless furry has been discovered… Anyway, if you’re in Detroit, I’d appreciate it if you’d swing by Hugh and check on […]

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Reality TV, and the Ypsilanti Dating Game

I’ve just been informed that America’s Next Top Model is going to have an open casting call on the EMU campus Monday, July 12th. I’m tempted to go down there and see whether any of the girls trying out might be interested in doing a somewhat lower-budget version of the show for Dreamland Tonight, assuming, […]

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The Ypsi Skatepark

During the last episode of Dreamland Tonight, we were joined by a fellow named Dug Song, who told us about efforts currently underway in Ann Arbor to build an enormous skatepark. I personally think it’s a great idea, but I didn’t let that stop me from giving Dug a hard time about their proposed million […]

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Lusting after furries apparently isn’t anything new

I know that this will only reinforce the mistaken notion that I myself am a “furry,” but I couldn’t resist documenting this as I was making my way through the Egyptian annex of a Pittsburgh history museum a few days ago… How could I not? Did you see it? It’s a guy with a fucking […]

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