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The U.S. credit rating slips, proving that the debt ceiling agreement didn’t really fix anything

We gave in to the Congressional Republicans on the debt ceiling debate on almost every issue. We agreed not to raise taxes on the wealthy. We agreed not to tighten loopholes that allowed them to hide their assets elsewhere. We said that, instead, we would slash government spending. We were told that there wasn’t a […]

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Investing in America, and other ideas to put the country back on the right track

I’m a sucker for a new Robert Reich video. I can’t help but post them. Tonight’s comes by way of a letter that I just received from Van Jones, announcing the launch of his Contract for the American Dream initiative. (This, as you’ll recall from our last discussion on Van Jones, is part of the […]

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Bernie Sanders demands that Obama ‘Stand with the American people’‎

I don’t donate a lot of money to political candidates. While I put in quite a few hours working for the Kerry and Obama campaigns, I didn’t give either of them very much in the way of cash. The only people that I can think of that I gave more than ten or twenty dollars […]

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I wish Obama spoke this way all the time

According to what we’re being told, Obama did not know that these comments were being taped on Thursday night, as he addressed a group of high-dollar campaign donors in Chicago. According to the LA Times, “the late-night remarks were accidentally piped back into the White House press room, where a couple of diligent reporters heard […]

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Matt Taibbi writes another great article that will outrage people, and ultimately make no difference

Every time I read a new article by Matt Taibbi, it occurs to me that I should probably stop making blanket statements about the poor state of American investigative journalism. I don’t say it enough, but I’m incredibly thankful that he’s out there, exploring that fertile strip of territory between those cultivated so successfully by […]

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