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Netflix Roulette: Kelsey Grammar on a sub edition

Don’t ruin it for me. I’m only up to the part where the crew shrinks the uniform of Lt. Lake, the Diving Officer on the USS Stingray, so that it can barely contain her distractingly-large breasts.

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PERSONAL DISCOVERY 001: Staying up all night and watching an entire season of Breaking Bad in one sitting is not good for one’s mental health

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Together, America, we can get Ruth Buzzi on Downton Abbey

I’d heard in passing a few days ago that there was a grassroots campaign afoot to get a well known American actor on PBS’s surprise hit import from Britain, Downton Abbey. Today, over lunch, Linette and I tried to figure out who it might be that Americans would want to see representing them on the […]

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Remembering Martin Luther King

I think it’s been about three years since I swore off the terror porn of Fox’s 24, but here I am, on Martin Luther King Day of all days, thinking about crawling back for more. I’m ashamed, but I guess it could be worse. I mean, it’s not real torture, right? Before I slink off […]

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