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Fishing by drone in the Huron River

I’m tempted to write about Trump’s big white power friendly rally of insanity in Florida tonight, but, instead, I think I’ll just share this footage I shot yesterday evening of someone fishing by drone in the Huron River. Watch, and be amazed. Yesterday, for the first time, I encountered someone fishing by drone in Ypsilanti’s […]

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Ypsi doesn’t look nearly as terrifying from a few hundred feet up

I know I should be looking for my house and other landmarks of personal importance, but all I can think when watching this arial footage of Ypsilanti is how laughably ridiculous people are who leave comments on the website of the Ann Arbor News about how terrifying this city of ours is. I know this […]

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Hamtramck gets an armored military assault vehicle… One wonders how long until they find a reason to use it

I was alerted today, by friends in Hamtramck, that their police force had just taken possession of an armored military assault vehicle, and I was reminded of a good conversation we had here about a year ago on the growing militarization of American police forces. If you have time, I’d encourage you to go back […]

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When will the first Amazon drone be brought down?

There’s a lot I could say about Jeff Bezos’s recent announcement that, within four years, Amazon will be delivering by drone, but I’m exhausted. I did want to say, however, that I can’t imagine a scenario where people, seeing a swarm of free electronics, DVDs and video games just buzzing overhead, wouldn’t be tempted to […]

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