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When Donald Trump tweeted out that the press was the “enemy of the people” a few days ago, he had to have known that one of his supporters had just been taken into custody for plotting the murder of several journalists and elected Democrats

Last Friday, Coast Guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson was taken into federal custody, and today, thanks to a filing in Maryland district court, we know why. It would appear that Hasson, who worked at the Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, was plotting to murder several Democratic officials, as well as members of the press. According […]

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As Mueller prepares to go public with criminal charges, the Trump administration goes into full meltdown mode, demanding that Hillary Clinton be arrested for their crimes

I’m trying not to get my hopes up about what might happen tomorrow, when the first indictments resulting from Robert Mueller’s investigation are made public. While I’d love to see Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Carter Page, or Jared Kushner get pulled our of bed by federal agents tomorrow morning, and marched before television cameras in […]

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