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With a number of staffers now confirming that Snyder not only knew of the toxic water situation in Flint a year ago, but had been asked to address it, all pretense of “plausible deniability” is gone

Up until last night, when Rick Snyder’s office released an additional 2,528 pages of emails from his executive staff related to the Flint water crisis, I’d thought that our “let’s run government like a business” governor might possibly be able to escape the consequences of his actions. Now, though, I’m not so sure. Thanks to […]

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While it’s nice that people are sending bottles of water to Flint, I can’t help but wonder where all of that money is going

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the millions and millions of little, single-serving bottles of water being sent to Flint by people around the world… On the whole, I think it’s a good thing. And I love knowing I live in a world where people so desperately want to help that they’re willing to […]

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This is why we use the word “coverup” when talking about the Flint water crisis

In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a regulation to control the levels of lead and copper in American drinking water. This regulation, which is known as the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), required that, by January 1, 1997, “public water systems serving more than 50,000 people… survey their own corrosion control systems and […]

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Reporter demands of Snyder… “What did you know, and when did you know it?”

With an increasing number of people calling for the arrest of Rick Snyder for the role he may have played in hiding evidence of the fact that the people of Flint were being poisoned by their drinking water, the Governor when to Flint earlier today to meet with Mayor Karen Weaver and reiterate, “We’re (now) […]

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