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I’d like to thank Elizabeth Warren for running one hell of a race

Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 presidential race today, leaving those of us who care about the future of our country to choose between two old, white men. It is, of course, disheartening to see the best candidate have to leave the field, but I’ve decided not to spend my time this evening […]

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The big take-aways from Super Tuesday

Before I jump into this, there are a few items I’d like to make clear upfront…. First, I truly believe that any candidate still standing in the Democratic field would be a dramatic improvement over Donald Trump, and I intend to support whomever it is that comes out of the convention with the nomination. My […]

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Open thread on the Iowa caucuses

Once every four years, our collective attention is drawn to the nation’s fourth whitest state, where people, after being interviewed all morning in diners by members of the press, gather in high school gyms to determine, with a series of coin flips and names pulled from hats, who we’ll all get to vote for come […]

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Hugh Hewitt to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary

If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic primary, I’ll contribute to his campaign, knock on doors for him, and do whatever I can to help him win the presidential election. And I will do so enthusiastically. With that said, it does give me pause when I see a Trump supporter like Republican radio talk show host […]

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So, my fellow Ypsilantians, how are you planning to vote in this Tuesday’s Democratic primary?

I know not everyone who reads this site is a Democrat living in my precinct, but here’s my sample ballot for this Tuesday’s Democratic primary. While a few things are clear to me, like who I’ll be casting my vote for to be our next State Senator (Jeff Irwin), I’ll confess that I’m still debating […]

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