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Shri Thanedar, Faux Bernie Bro?

https://theintercept.com/2018/04/06/shri-thanedar-michigan-millionaire-bernie-sanders-republican/ Aside from the fact that he’s referred to himself as a “fiscally savvy Bernie,” and has one of the worst slogans in American political history, up until today, I knew very little about Michigan gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar. I mean, I had a vague sense of him, but I hadn’t read very much about […]

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Democracy for America’s Jim Dean on the circumstances that led to the creation of Donald Trump, his brother’s support of Clinton, and his belief that Bernie Sanders can go all the way

I had the opportunity to spend some time this afternoon with Jim Dean, the co-founder and chair of Democracy for America (DFA), as he stopped by the Ypsi-Arbor campaign office for Bernie Sanders on his way to Flint. Among other things, we discussed Bernie’s chances in the Michigan Democratic primary, what the Sanders campaign could […]

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As no one from the press has contacted me, and as no lobbyists have dropped by with expensive gifts, I’m going to assume that Stabenow beat me in the primary

This was sent in yesterday by an anonymous reader… who apparently doesn’t have a very high opinion of Debbie Stabenow. Speaking of Stabenow, as we all seem to have problems with her, why don’t we find a credible progressive candidate to run against her? Is she really so powerful that no one can beat her, […]

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Mike Eller and Steve Pierce lose their Ypsi City Council primary races

Proving the old adage – “yard signs don’t vote” – to be true, Mike Eller and Steve Pierce, in spite of the fact that their campaign signs outnumbered those of their Democratic opponents by an order of magnitude (thanks to the support of several local landlords), came up short today in their joint quest for […]

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My last post on Tuesday’s City Council election… and my first endorsement

I told myself this weekend that I was done writing about the Ypsilanti City Council race, but, now that I sit here, thinking over how I’m going to vote tomorrow, I find that I have one more thing that I’d like to say… Before I get to it, though, I’d like to preface it by […]

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