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The demands of black students at EMU, debunking myths about Rosie the Riveter and the Arsenal of Democracy, going inside the Paris climate talks, and sharing the music of the Monkey Power Trio… on episode 34 of the Saturday Six Pack

If you haven’t yet listened to last weekend’t episode of the Saturday Six Pack, you should. It was a nearly perfect mix, at least from my perspective, of seriously thought-provoking and just plain fun. Among other things, we talked with a representative from the University of Michigan delegation at the Paris climate talks, two of […]

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Black student demands at EMU, the truth about Rosie the Riveter, an inside look at the Paris climate talks, and a painfully honest critique of the new Monkey Power Trio record… on this weekend’s edition of The Saturday Six Pack

After two weeks off to focus on the consumption of turkey, mashed potatoes and jello salad, we’re back in the AM 1700 studio this Saturday evening at 6:00 to talk about everything from the recent demands made by representatives of EMU’s black student body, to the climate talks currently taking place in Paris. If you’re […]

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