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U-M PhD Michelle Leach, the founder of Oasis Aquaponics, on leaving academia to focus on solving basic problems afflicting the poor

Upon graduating the University of Michigan with her PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Michelle Leach decided to try something different. Instead of either pursuing a careen in academia, or accepting a job in industry, she chose to start a social venture called Oasis Aquaponics with the intention of creating an affordable food production system that could […]

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My thoughts on the heat wave… Do we continue to sit in this pan of water as it begins to boil our flesh from our bones, or do we leap out, and go for the throat of the man holding the pan?

The last that I heard, over 4,500 communities had experienced record high temperatures this week. Apparently, streets are literally buckling in some places, like in St. Louis, where they’ve now surpassed the 100-degree mark for eight consecutive days. Several dozen people have died already and it looks as though the nation’s corn crop, among others, […]

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Oh, so maybe that’s what happened to the honey bees

The world’s bee population, as we’ve discussed here many times, appears to be plummeting. And, as you might imagine, it’s kind of a big deal, seeing as how a huge percentage of our crops require pollination. So, scientists have been working diligently these past few years to figure it out. The culprit, we’ve been told, […]

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