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Betsy DeVos turns her back on trans students

Yesterday, there was a lot of talk online about how Betsy DeVos, our controversial new Secretary of Education, had taken a principled stand on behalf of transgender students, pushing back against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump, both of whom had apparently urged her to support the rollback of protections extended by the Obama […]

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CPAC and Occupy…. Anything that makes Andrew Breitbart go this fucking nuts, has to be good

The big Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just wrapped up in DC. After a few days of speeches, in which each of the Republican presidential candidates tried to prove that he, and not his rivals, was the rightful heir to the sainted Reagan mantle, Romney end up on top, with 38 percent of the straw […]

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The Great Tea Party Swindle

Frank Rich, in today’s New York Times, suggests that the Tea Party movement is being fostered because it allows ready access easy marks. Here’s a clip: …Both Steele and Palin claim to be devotees of the tea party movement. “I’m a tea partier, I’m a town-haller, I’m a grass-roots-er” is how Steele put it in […]

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The coronation of Rush Limbaugh

Over the past few weeks, several men have been jockeying for control of the putrid little tidal pool of inbred mutation that was once the Republican party. The two men at the moment who seem to have the most momentum are wife-with-cancer-leaving former House Speaker Newt Gignrich, and rotund radio personality Rush Limbaugh. With Ronald […]

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