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Holy shit, Trump’s call into Fox and Friends is fucking amazing, and completely terrifying

President Donald Trump called into his favorite television show, Fox and Friends, this morning. I’m sure some who saw the segment will say that he did an admirable job of “reclaiming” the narrative, or “reframing” the various scandals swirling around him, or some such thing. To me, though, it sounded like audio you might hear […]

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Spending Halloween alone, my heart beating a million times a minute, drowning in a sea of candy wrappers

This is where I’ve been sitting for the past hour or so, since it first started getting dark, just waiting for a trick-or-treater to climb the three steps in front of our old house and ring the bell. So far, though, no one’s even come close. I keep going to the window to check, but […]

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Johnny Manziel and his rolled up $20 bill

There are few things in life I probably care less about than recently drafted NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. And, under normal circumstances, I’d never post about how he chooses to spend his time in the restroom. This comment left on Reddit, though, seemed like the kind of thing I just had to share.

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“Hmmm…. Maybe I don’t have a problem after all.”

[The quotes noted above are from British television cook Nigella Lawson, who was called on to testify in British court yesterday about a number of things, including her cocaine use. And the fellow at the bottom, for those of you who might not recognize him, is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who, like Lawson, has been […]

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, having won the bid to host Monkey Power 18, exceeds expectations

I’ve been in Wyoming these past few days, at the annual meeting of my one-day-a-year band, the Monkey Power Trio. This, I believe, was our 18th session. It was neither the worst, nor the best. All things considered, I’d say that it was positive. Many laughs were had. No one cried. No one screamed. No […]

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