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Helen Thomas and the limits of free speech

Last Thursday, former White House correspondent Helen Thomas received a standing ovation in Dearborn, where she addressed a group of roughly 300 people, most of whom, I’m told, were non-Arab. Thomas, in addition to criticizing America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, talked about, “the whole question of money involved in politics” – which is to […]

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Chomsky defends his views on Israel, owning reporter in the process

Noted American academic Noam Chomsky was, a few days ago, denied entry into Israel due to his vociferous condemnation of the state’s actions. Here he is discussing his views with an Israeli reporter.

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Jon Stewart dares to talk peace

Last night, Jon Stewart had two Middle East peace activists on The Daily Show. One was Jewish American author, Anna Baltzer. The other was former Palestinian politician, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. I found the exchange extremely informative, but apparently some feel as though the discussion could have benefited from the perspective of someone defending Israel’s right […]

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