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Anecdotal evidence from Ohio would seem to indicate not only that Obama will lose, but that humans are not long for this earth

Yesterday, I posted some encouraging anecdotal evidence that, in the wake of Romney’s lie about Chrysler closing down Jeep manufacturing facilities in Ohio, the electoral tide in the Buckeye State might be turning toward Obama. Here, in the interest of journalistic integrity, is some equally anecdotal evidence that would seem to indicate otherwise. The following […]

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Could getting caught in a lie in Ohio cost Romney the election?

The last time that we discussed Ohio, many of you seemed to think that the state would factor significantly in the race for the White House… Well, according to pollster Nate Silver, the Buckeye State may not just play a big role come Election Day – it may actually decide the Presidential race. Silver, in […]

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The Stooges for Chrysler: “a blue collar attitude in a white collar world”

I like that the Stooges are making some money, I guess, but I don’t know how I feel about their song No Fun being co-opted by the man to sell luxury cars. Here’s how Chrysler positions the ad on YouTube: John Varvatos’s blue-collar spirit pushes him late into the night, with Detroit-based rock music serving […]

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No Robocop for Detroit

Perhaps due in part to that Chrysler ad that captured everyone’s imagination during the Super Bowl , the city of Detroit is, once again, attracting national media attention. Today, there’s a feature in the Washington Post entitled, “With Detroit in dire straits, mayor invites big thinking.” Here’s a clip. …With no salvation in sight, Bing, […]

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Imported from Detroit

As I don’t have a TV that’s connected with the outside world, I’m not watching the Super Bowl tonight. I just heard from a friend, however, that the following Chrysler ad aired a few minutes ago, which, if true, I think is pretty damned cool. Yeah, I know it might be seen as unnecessarily extravagant […]

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