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Rick Snyder to speak at U-M’s April 30 commencement

When I graduated from U-M, Hillary Clinton was our commencement speaker. I don’t recall there being protesters outside, but she wasn’t a popular choice. There was quite a bit of debate on campus after the initial announcement, and, then, during her speech, which was delivered in the U-M stadium, I remember that there was a […]

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Shirvell taint exposed to nation

I suspect that you’ve all seen it by now, but the Daily Show had a great piece last night on our Assistant Attorney General, Andrew Shirvell, and his creepy fascination with a much younger, gay, male undergraduate at the University of Michigan. Here’s the video: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p […]

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Armstrong speaks out on Shirvell harassment

Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan undergraduate student body President being harassed by Assistant Attorney General of Michigan Andrew Shirvell, appeared with Anderson Cooper last night. Here’s the video: While I know plenty of gay men who would love to meet Anderson Cooper, I wouldn’t wish these circumstances on anyone. To my knowledge, Shirvell, a […]

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Can anyone be the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan?

For those of you not in the great state of Michigan, it looks as though our Assistant Attorney General, a guy by the name of Andrew Shirvell, has been caught in the act of cyber bullying. It would seem that Shirvell, under the pseudonym, “Concerned Michigan Alumnus,” has spent these past several months lashing out […]

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