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Thinking about the #CorkerKickback as I watch “All The President’s Men”

I know I should be studying up on the so-called “Corker kickback“, and what appears to have been a successful attempt on the part of Republicans to actually purchase a vote for their unpopular tax plan, but, with all last night’s talk about Nixon and the Saturday Night Massacre, I’ve decided to just lay in […]

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Buying Senator Pat Toomey’s vote… DeVos can do it, but we can’t

I just tweeted at Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey [@SenToomey], asking what we should make of the fact that, in spite of her unpopularity among his constituents, he’s said he would be voting for Betsy DeVos, a woman who both publicly admitted to “buying influence” and gave him over $60,000 in contributions, to head the Department […]

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