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Good Times to Future Cop, the amazing journey of John Amos… The robots of law enforcement… My defense of Norman Lear… And so much more

I don’t know that it changes anything, but I wonder if the folks behind the statue of Robocop, which will soon be staring-down the citizens of Detroit, know that he wasn’t the first robot to wear a badge… No, a full decade before officer Alex Murphy became Robocop, there was officer Gregory Yoyonivich, breaking down […]

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Wisconsin’s attack against the working class, and the role of the Koch brothers

The weirdness is apparently continuing in Wisconsin. From what I can tell, the public employee unions have indicated a willingness to negotiate pay and benefit cuts. The Governor, however, has refused to take them up on the offer, choosing instead to pursue the elimination of their right to bargain collectively. So, if there are still […]

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Not everyone wants RoboCop in Detroit

I haven’t mentioned it here, but I have friends in Detroit who don’t want the RoboCop statue. Most notable among these folks is my friend Joe, who blogs under the name Super Gay Detroit. He thinks the whole thing is kind of stupid. Here are a few of his points. If you’d like to read […]

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Seeing Iggy Pop on April 19

I wasn’t planning to go to the Stooges show at the Michigan Theater on April 19, even though they’re probably the band, next to the Ramones, that made the biggest impact in my life. As I’d seen them play before, back when Ron Asheton was still alive, I didn’t see a point in going back […]

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Bing’s RoboCop downfall

A few days ago, I mentioned that Detroit’s mayor, Dave Bing, had come out against the idea of erecting a Robocop statue downtown. We’ve already discussed his tweets on the subject, but now there’s apparently video. The following footage comes from Detroit’s Michael Jackman. To contribute toward the RoboCop statue, click here.

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