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Trump breaks campaign promise, proposes federal budget that would cut Medicare by $845 billion and Medicaid by $241 billion

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised that, if elected president, he would cut neither Medicare nor Medicaid. [See video below.] Today, however, his administration proposed a federal budget that would cut Medicare by $845 billion, and Medicaid by $241 billion, while giving the Pentagon more than requested, and allocating $8.6 billion for the […]

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Will Obama lose his base?

Prevailing wisdom seems to be that Obama doesn’t need to garner the favor of his progressive base. Those of us on the left, it’s thought, will vote for the President regardless, as we know there aren’t viable alternatives that are any better. All he needs to worry about, according to those who study such things, […]

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Killing gays in Uganda, stealing money at home, and negotiating healthcare in secret

Tonight, I wanted to write about how fucked up things are in Uganda, where they’re now considering the death penalty for homosexuality, about how Obama is going back on his promise to negotiate the details of the healthcare bill in the light of day, and how it looks as though Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner may […]

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